Apache Tomcat 6.0.14

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The basic steps for installing Tomcat are:

  1. Download the tarball and unpack
  2. Compile the stub. This is what starts and stops the server. Put the binary in the directory once you have it compiled.
  3. Borrow the script from the "build_apache" directory of Anlinux CVS for use in
  4. Set up Apache and Tomcat configuration files
    • server.xml
    • tomcat-users.xml
    • httpd.conf
    • httpd-ajp-proxy.conf
  5. Run Tomcat

There's a couple of Tomcat startup scripts located in the tarball, you can use them to start/stop Tomcat via if desired.

The Tomcat docs talk about creating another user to run Tomcat as. Fair enough. The "Adding New Users/Groups" page has the particulars for adding new users/groups on Debian.

Here's a site that describes how to set up the JK proxy, as well as a blog post on how to set up Apache/Tomcat using AJP.

Building the Apache/Tomcat Native Connector

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