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Welcome to my Fujitsu Lifebook pages. These pages are all about a laptop that I purchased in 2001. When I purchased the laptop, I was determined to run Linux on it. These pages document my (successful) efforts.

Currently (March 2008), I have the laptop once again, and have installed Debian Etch, FreeBSD and FreeDOS on it. I got the laptop back in February 2008, between May 2006 and February 2008, my mom had the laptop and ran Windows 2000 on it. I tried to get her to run Linux on it (A fresh load of Debian Woody with KDE), but nothing was in the same places as she was used to as far as menus and icons, so I slicked it again and put Windows on it. Lesson learned, Linux may be more stable, but some people don't have time/don't care to learn the differences between Windows and Linux.

Check the Fujitsu S-4546 Category for updates on this laptop as I post them.

If you have any questions that I don't answer here in these pages, you can reach me at (elspicyjack at gmail dot com).

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