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Please feel free to poke around. If you're looking for something that you thought was here, but can't find it, please e-mail my gmail account, and I'll endeavor to get it back online for you.

Camelbox Release: 2008.120.0145Z


I'm pleased to announce a new release of Camelbox, 2008.120.0145Z
(April 28th, 2008).

Camelbox Release: 2008.102.0120Z


Yes, it's a new release of Camelbox, 2008.102.0140Z
(April 11th, 2008).

Wiping the CMOS on the Fujitsu Lifebook S-4546

Fujitsu Lifebook S-4546

I got my Fujitsu Lifebook back from my mom. I had set the CMOS supervisor password on the notebook, but I never recorded anywhere what that password was. Oops. Now I can't get in to the BIOS to change the owner string...

Antlinux Linux kernel journal, 25Dec2007

LACKLinuxSo I'm building a new round of Linux kernels, using kernel source version, for all of the machines that I run. First up is an AMD64 kernel, which barfs while compiling 'vdso', whatever that is. The fix that I found on the net for that was to edit and make the following change:

Congratulations. You've been blocked.


So I'm at the local Panera today, and I wanted to go back to my site and pull a up a few web pages in order to help me compile Apache. Instead of being able to browse my site, I get a message saying that my site (this site) has been blocked due to 'mature content'.

Homemade .mac replacement

Apache HTTP ServerApple Computer

Someone posted a link to a webpage that details how you can set up your own .mac server using Apache with WebDAV, instead of paying for Apple's "services".

The Current Terror Alert Level is...
Terror Alert Level

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